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Just a quick site announcement –  Added a new “Community News Section”.

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Flip – A jQuery plugin

Flip is a plugin for jquery that will flip your HTML elements in four directions, top-bottom, bottom-top, left-right and right-left.

Tested in Firefox 2+ (win and linux), Internet Explorer 6+ (IE8 beta2 included), Safari 3.1 (for win) and Google Chrome.


direction: the direction where to flip. Possible values: ‘tb’, ‘bt’, ‘lr’, ‘rl’ (default:’tb’)
bgColor: Flip element starting background color
color: Flip element ending background color
speed: Speed of the two animations (default: 500)

WordPress 2.6 released

WordPress 2.6 is available, you can now track changes to every post and page and easily post from wherever you are on the web, plus there are dozens of incremental improvements to the features introduced in version 2.5


WordPress 2.6 overview:

  • Theme Previews: See it before your audience does
  • Post Revisions: Wiki-like tracking of edits
  • Press This!: Post from wherever you are on the web
  • Shift Gears: Turbo-speed your blogging

Here are some of the smaller features and improvements in 2.6:

  • Image captions, you can add captions under your images.
  • Bulk management of plugins.
  • A completely revamped image control to allow for easier inserting, floating, and resizing. It’s now fully integrated with the WYSIWYG.
  • Drag-and-drop reordering of Galleries.
  • Plugin update notification bubble.
  • Customizable default avatars.
  • Full SSL support in the core, and the ability to force SSL for security.
  • A number of proactive security enhancements, including cookies and database interactions.
  • Version 2.6 fixes approximately 194 bugs.
  • … and more

2.6 is pretty much identical to 2.5 from a plugin and theme compatibility point of view, so upgrades from 2.5 should be pretty painless.

CSS Sprite Generator v 2 released

CSS Sprite Generator version 2 released with completely restructured code and heavily commented to make it easier to understand. It now uses Image Magick to generate sprite images instead of GD. This produces much higher quality images and fixes all of the related bugs filed.

Full details at Ed Eliot website.

Related reading: A List Apart article CSS Sprites: Image Slicing’s Kiss of Death which explains the concepts behind CSS sprites.