Graceful E-Mail Obfuscation

Hide e-mail addresses from spam bots while revealing them to readers as real, clickable links. This transparent and fully automated solution guarantees that all addresses on your site will be safe-even the ones that show up in blog comments!

Issue No. 248 of A List Apart: Stop robots from reading your e-mail address!

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Prototip 1.1.0 preview: Adding more control to your tooltips

The second mayor update to the library

You can now open, close and toggle tooltips using any mouse event. Keeping your tooltips open adds a new dimension to the library, allowing tooltips to be used in new ways. This release also introduces close buttons, delay and the option to add your own close links inside your tooltip text. An improved CSS model makes it even easier to style your tooltips.

Change log

  • Added Prototype and Scriptaculous version check.
  • Improved the CSS model, no more CSS hacking is needed for smooth effects.
  • Added close buttons and links.
  • Allow to open, close, toggle tooltips on any event.
  • … and more

Tooltip demos

Visit Prototip 1.1.0