LightForm – Free Ajax/PHP Contact Form

LightForm is a free Ajax/PHP contact form. It combines FormCheck2 for fields validation and NiceForms to style text fields and textareas.



  • Form Validation using FormCheck2.
  • Spam Check.
  • Display user IP, user agent and referrer in the message.
  • Display a dialog box when message sent succesfully.
  • Inputs and textareas are styled with NiceForms.
  • Works in the most recent browsers (IE6+, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Netscape).

Note: Form validation won’t work anymore if users disable Javascript. Released under Creative Commons Attribution v2.5.

Kwicks for jQuery Menu

Kwicks for jQuery is a plugin that simulates attractive Mootools effect. Example page

Kwicks Options:

  • maxWidth: Required: The width (in pixels) of a fully expanded kwick element.
  • duration: Defaults to 200: The number of milliseconds required for each animation to complete.
  • easing: A custom easing function for the animation (requires easing plugin).
  • spacing: Defaults to 0 – The width (in pixels) separating each kwick element.


jQuery Virtual Tour

jQuery virtual tour – an extension to the simple panorama viewer that allows you to play a little bit more with jQuery by adding interactivity to transform some panoramic views into a virtual tour! Free – released under the GPL licence.

This virtual tour plugin has the particularity to be accessible and can run even if javascript has not been activated – navigation uses the standard html tags <map> and <area> in accordance with w3c.

jQuery virtual tour DEMO / jQuery virtual tour Article


FancyBox – jQuery Image Zooming Plugin

FancyBox – Like many other lightbox-like tools, kinda different image zooming script for those who want something fresh.

It’s powered by jQuery, tested with IE6, IE7, Firefox.


  • Automatically scales large images to fit in window
  • Adds a nice drop shadow under the full-size image
  • Image sets to group related images and navigate through them


Smart Lists – convert HTML lists into categorized, paginated lists

Smart Lists is a Prototype/Scriptaculous extension that converts flat HTML lists of information into categorized, paginated lists.

Smart Lists extension does not require a database or server-side script and downgrades gracefully if JS is not enabled.


You have a choice for the item hide/show effect (Blind, Fade/Appear, Grow/Shrink, none), choice for changing page effect (Blind, Fade/Appear, Grow/Shrink, none), Control over speed at which effects occur, number of items per page and much more.

Browser friendly and supports Firefox 2, IE6+, Safari 2+ and Opera 9+.