TinyBox – a Lightweight and Standalone Modal Window Script

TinyBox is a lightweight (3.5kb) and standalone modal window script – does not depend on any JavaScript frameworks.

At only 3.5KB it doesn’t include any slideshow capabilities built-in but allows for any AJAX or HTML content. It can also be used for images and auto hiding alerts. The popups fade in/out and dynamically size based on the content if enabled. The styling is completely customizable through the simple CSS.

Click here for the TinyBox demo

Tokenizing Autocomplete Text Entry – jQuery Plugin

Tokenizing Autocomplete Text Entry – a jQuery plugin to allow users to select multiple items from a predefined list, using autocompletion as they type to find each item.


  • Layout is easily customisable and fully controlled in CSS
  • Result caching reduces server load
  • Smooth animations when results load
  • Select items using the mouse or keyboard
  • No images required, just the plugin’s .js file and some CSS

Live Demo

jQuery Image Rotator with Description

Create an Image Rotator with Description – a tutorial on how to create an image rotator with jQuery and CSS.

This tutorial will help you understand how the image rotator works and helps you create your own from scratch.

View Demo

Do keep in mind these jQuery driven image rotators do not degrade in the best fashion. When you disable JavaScript, each thumbnail must be clicked on to get the larger image.

Image rotator

s3Capcha jQuery plugin

s3Capcha jQuery plugin – inspired by Fancy Drag and Drop Captcha we mentioned here at V-B.

s3capcha is advanced captcha script that is based on choosing the right image instead of writing hardly readable letters and numbers.

It is very easy to use, just include the jQuery library then include the s3Capcha javascript in the head of the page(s). s3Capcha source files are available for download with 2 icon sets and s3Capcha example.

View Demo.

advanced jquery captcha script

MooTools Open-Source File Manager

MooTools FileManager – a MooTools based File Manager for the web that allows you to preview, upload and modify files and folders via the browser.

Features include:

  • Browse through Files and Folders on your Server
  • Rename, Delete, Move (Drag&Drop), Copy (Drag + hold CTRL) and Download Files
  • View detailed Previews of Images, Text-Files, Compressed-Files or Audio Content
  • Upload Files via FancyUpload (integrated Feature)
  • Option to automatically resize big Images when uploading
  • Use it to select a File anywhere you need to specify one inside your Application’s Backend
  • Use as a FileManager in TinyMCE

View Demos:

FileManager + Simple Image Selection + Localized FileManager

TinyMCE Integration

MooTools based File Manager