Fluid Images – Resize Your Images Automatically

Fluid Images – a little script that automatically resize your images.

The script is needed to get fluid images resizing smoothly in Internet Explorer earlier than version 8. Otherwise, you can just use a simple CSS fix.

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The script cycles through your document, swaps out the images for a transparent GIF, and applies the AlphaImageLoader property to each one. Then, whenever the window’s resized, the script automatically recalculates the proper, proportional height and width of the image, and resizes the spacer graphic accordingly.

Create Apple.com Style Search Suggestion with jQuery

Apple.com-style search suggestion – one of the most awesome things about the Apple.com is the search functionality. It gives you search suggestions with images about the several products they offer, making it really user-friendly.

This tutorial makes use of several techniques: MySQL for the database, HTML/CSS for styling, PHP for retrieving the data and jQuery for the AJAX request.

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search suggestion tutorial

MooTooltips – Good Looking Tooltips with MooTools

MooTooltips – JavaScript Tooltip with MooTools. Easily display tooltip messages from HTML elements, Ajax calls or text added manually.

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The script gives you the possibility to display tooltips either by passing the parameters on the rel parameter or by setting them manually when instanciating the class. When creating a class instance, you can set both types, inline tips and manually set ones.

jQuery Menu – Dropdown, iPod Drilldown and Flyout Styles

jQuery Menu – easily create dropdown, iPod drilldown and flyout styled menus.

jQuery Menu comes with built in the ability to customize a menu’s appearance, including active and hover states, by passing in classes as options, menus can be styled on the fly using ThemeRoller.

By default, the menu script will transform an unordered list of links into a simple dropdown menu. When the menu content contains nested lists, by default it creates an iPod style menu. When you configure a menu with the “flyout” option set to true, the script formats a hierarchical list as a flyout navigation.

jQuery Content Gallery Plugin – GalleryView

GalleryView jQuery plugin – aims to provide jQuery users with a flexible, attractive content gallery, capable of displaying any HTML content in an animated gallery view.

Two sets of navigation graphics are supplied to support both light and dark colored galleries, you can also easily create your own themes by simply creating three new graphics.

At the project page you’ll find 6 examples of GalleryView customization.

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attractive jQuery gallery plugin