Unobtrusive JavaScript Date Picker

Date Picker V4 – a complete rewrite of the previous datePicker script.

Accessible using the keyboard, requires no embedded JavaScript blocks, uses no pop-up windows and is suitable for use within documents served as application/xhtml+xml.

See the various Date Picker Demos

unobtrusive javascript date picker

At a glance…

– Fully keyboard accessible
– Multiple date formats and date dividers supported
– Unobtrusive and nameSpace friendly
– Fully skinnable with CSS
– Both upper and lower date limits can be set
– Certain days of the week can be disabled
– Certain dates can be disabled/enabled
– and more

It’s free to use, even commercially (Released under a CC share-alike license).

JavaScript Table Sorter – TinyTable

TinyTable – a lightweight (2.5kb) easy to use JavaScript table sorter script.

Features include column highlighting, optional pagination, support for links, and date/link parsing. A few other features are alternate row highlighting, header class toggling, auto data type recognition and selective column sorting. More updates will follow soon.

TinyTable has been tested in Firefox 2/3, IE 6/7/8, Opera, Safari and Chrome.

View TinyTable Demo

table sorter

ColorBox – A light-weight, Customizable Lightbox Plugin for jQuery

ColorBox – a light-weight (only 2kb gzipped & minified), customizable lightbox plugin for jQuery.

ColorBox supports images, image groups, ajax, inline, and iframed content. Appearance is completely controlled through CSS so users can restyle the box.

Completely unobtrusive, requires no changes to existing HTML and degrades gracefully, all content displayed can be accessed without JavaScript. Also, can preload upcoming images in a photo group.

Pretty Image Captions with jQuery Captify Plugin

Captify – a jQuery plugin to display simple, pretty image captions that appear on rollover.

Captions can slide in from the bottom or top. New animation options: in addition to ‘slide’, there is ‘fade’ and ‘always-on’. The goal of Captify is to be easy to use, small/simple, and completely ready for use in production environments.

It has been tested on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer.