CSS3 Text to Path Generator – CSSWarp Online Tool

CSSWarponline tool that allows you to attach any text to an arbitrary bezier path or a circle and create Illustrator like “warped” text with pure CSS and HTML.

CSS3 brings new text-transform options like rotation, skew, matrix, etc. By applying the right transformations to every single letter it is possible to create the illusion of text following a path with CSS only.

With CSSWarp – text to path generator you can use google font directory and it is also possible to use your local fonts.

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CSS3 text to path generator

Website load Speed From over 50 locations worldwide

Loads.in – see how fast your website loads in a real browser from over 50 locations worldwide.

With loads.in online application you can easily check your site with real browsers and with snapshots and waterfall charts for each check. Choose from Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer or FireFox browser profiles.

For each subsequent check you can choose a specific location and browser profile,  and download the timing results in the Http Archive (HAR) format.

Loads.in - Check your website load speed

Online CSS3 Code Generator Tool

CSS3 Generator – is a free online tool for generating CSS3 code with detailed comments.

You can easily change common CSS3 rules like border, border-radius, box-shadow, opacity, etc. In detailed settings there are options to fine tune all the rules.

CSS3 generator comes with live preview, you instantly see the results.

online CSS3 generator tool

Easily Build your HTML Forms for Free – HtmlForm.com

HtmlForm.comfree online tool for creating HTML forms adapted to your own language, with everything that is needed to make it work.

HtmlForm tool allows you to generate forms in any language, as well as supporting any character set. It generates XHTML 1.0 strict compliant code that is compatible with any browser.

The code is completely commented and the CSS files are totally editable. HTMLform.com is completely free. Just design your HTML form, download it and the form is yours.

Try out Form Builder

Free HTML form builder- HtmlForm.com

Adjust Browser Size Automatically – ResizeMyBrowser

ResizeMyBrowser – a free web based application to adjust browser size automatically.

There are predefined presets like iPhone-sized browser preset (320×480), iPad sized preset (768 x 1024), and you can also create your own presets (and delete it) with ability to set outer or inner browser size (inner – interior of the browser window, outer – including tool bar, address bar, …)

Resize browser window automatically

Note: ResizeMyBrowser requires JavaScript enabled to work properly.

Cross-browser CSS Gradient Generator from Colorzilla

CSS Gradient Generator – easy to use online tool for creating cross-browser CSS3 gradients.

The resulting CSS gradients are cross-browser – will work in all modern browsers and will also fall back to a simpler gradient in Internet Explorer. In the ‘Preview’ panel there is quick preview how the IE fallback gradient will look in Internet Explorer.

The ‘CSS’ panel always has the CSS for the current gradient for easy copy/paste into your stylesheet.

CSS gradient generator

Important: You’ll need a recent version of Firefox, Chrome or Safari to use this Gradient Generator.

Lorem Ipsum Alternative – Fillerati

Fillerati – another alternative to Lorem Ipsum generators named Fillerati that has texts from various books like ‘The Wizard of Oz’ or ‘Moby Dick’.

You can choose the author and the book title as source of the text. With the slider you can choose number of paragraphs, number of <li> sentences, etc. When slider is clicked, the text is copied to your clipboard.

lorem ipsum generator - Fillerati

25 Online CSS Compressors to Optimize Your CSS Code

CSS Compressors  – CSS Optimizers

One of the most important thing when developing websites is page loading speed, to load as quickly as possible, especially in the case of large websites with lots of CSS code where faster loading means increased usability and user satisfaction.

CSS Compression tools improves your load time performance by removing comments from code, placing each command in one single line, removing unneeded ‘white space’ characters like space, new line, and tab to reduce its size.

Keep in mind, if you really want to optimize website performance, after the development stage, you should go further with CSS sprites, minifying JavaScript, gzip compression and caching your files.

Try out these online CSS optimization tools, some of them also offer JavaScript compression, and see how they can  speed up website response time and save your bandwidth as well.

Online CSS Compression Tools

1. cssdrive.com CSS Compressor – comes in 2 modes: Normal and Advanced. You can choose from three levels of compression. The ‘Normal’ mode should work well in most cases, creating a good balance between the two.

cssdrive CSS compressor

2. Clean CSS – CSS Formatter and Optimiser based on csstidy available in English, German and French.

cleancss - css formater and optimizer

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CSS3 Code Generator with Preview – CSS3.0 Maker

CSS 3.0 Maker – a free CSS3 generator tool to experiment with CSS3 properties and values and easily generate and download a simple stylesheet for your site.

When changing the different settings in CSS3 Styles Panel, all CSS3 properties like Border Radius, Gradients, CSS Transforms, CSS Animations, Text Shadow and so on, are instantly applied with generated CSS code and preview.

There is also CSS3 browser compatibility panel where you can see browser support for all CSS3 properties you experiment.

css3 online code generator