Dynamic PHP Image Gallery with Thumbnails – No Bullsh**

No Bullsh** – is completely free and open source, fully customizable Dynamic PHP Image Gallery with thumbnails and Lightbox support.

To install the gallery you just need to upload all files & folders to your server, upload images to the folder that holds all the gallery big images. Gallery script automatically creates the thumbnail images.

To enable Lightbox support include the necessary Lightbox javascript files. By editing the thumbanil.php you can set the thumbnail size and quality settings.


Dynamic PHP Image Gallery with thumbnails and lightbox support

Open Source Invoice, Contact and Customer Management – Ofuz

Ofuz – is an open source invoice, contact and customer management application created for teams, freelancers, and service providers.

Ofuz can be downloaded from HERE, and is also available as paid online service.

Open source invoice, contact and task manager - ofuz

Ofuz features:

  • Easily invite co-workers and customer to share files, emails, discussions and get things done.
  • You can simply track your time on customers and projects, view all your co-workers timesheets and reports.
  • Easily invoice your clients. Receive their payment online.
  • Capture leads from your web site and send very personalized and targeted e-mailings
  • Contact manager – import all your contact from your address book, emails, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and Android Phones in one place.
  • … and more

Open Source Web Sites and Web Applications Analytics Framework – OWA

Open Web Analytics – an open source web analytics framework provides a generic set of PHP and HTTP APIs that application developers can use to easily add web statistics into any web application or web sites.

The Framework also has built-in support for popular web applications like WordPress, MediaWiki and Gallery.

As a generic web analytics framework, OWA can be extended to track and analyze any web application.

open source web and application statistics
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Free XML based AS3 Flash Image Gallery – PureGallery

PureGallery is a Flash AS3 image gallery that uses GalleryCMS as the backend. The gallery can be resized to any size – even full screen.

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GalleryCMS is easy-to-use open source CMS application (built on CodeIgniter framework) that allows you to simply create galleries, add images & generate a XML file which can be used for creating your gallery.

Free AS3 flash photo gallery

GalleryCMS requires PHP and a database. It uses the GD2 library for image processing.

Free and Open Source Invoice Management for Freelancers – MyClientBase

MyClientBase – a simple, free and open source web based invoice management system developed with freelancers in mind.

MyClientBase web application is written in PHP, on top of the excellent CodeIgniter framework & uses MySQL as database.

Open Source invoice management application

Configurable Options:

Language, Date Format, Default Tax Rate, Invoice Due Date, Default Invoice Template, Currency Settings, Tax Identification Number and much more.

Open Source Ajax Availability Calendar

Ajax Availability Calendar is an open source web application for displaying the availability calendar of whatever you might need it, apartments, holiday cottage, hotel rooms etc. using PHP and MySQL.

Ajax Availability Calendar is 100% administrable – take a look at administrator panel (support multiple administration users).

View Frontend Demo

php and mysql availability calendar

Via administrator panel, you can set up Unlimited Items (rooms, apartments, etc.) , unlimited Booking States – available, booked, special offer etc.

It’s easily styled with CSS – easy to adapt to any design. Uses AJAX to change months viewed without reloading the page. All javascript handled by the Mootools library.

Open Source Invoicing & Project Management Web Application

ArgentumInvoice – an open source Web Invoicing & Project Management application.

With Argentum Invoice you can easily manage all your client information including billing, shipping and contact information.

Easily generate PDF invoices and email them to your clients. Track invoice due dates and payment statuses.

open source invoicing and project management

Multiple currency support and automatic currency conversions for invoices is built in. Emails, Budgeting and Live Timer modules included and designed for easy extendability via modules.

Argentum Invoice requires PHP & uses MySQL as the database. New features are added on a regular basis and bugs are fixed promptly.

Be sure to check out Argentum blog for tutorials and tips as well as development tutorials and guides for creating your own plugins for Argentum.