Extremely Lightweight Typography Focused CSS Framework – Atatonic

Atatonic CSS Framework – as vertical rhythm is one of the most important things in design, this lightweight CCS framework has it’s main focus on typography, with added grid support.

The main goal of this project is to provide a solid base to start with every project. The combined file is only 5kb (gzipped~3kb).

View DEMO , or checkout the code

atatonic css framework

Atatonic CSS Framework is still very young. Extra features will be added as plugins, like a stylesheet for forms, icons for buttons, better form controls and maybe some GUI standards such as dialogs, bars, buttons and more.

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  1. marklekker
    marklekker says:

    I’ve started using this framework as a base for all my new web projects, it’s great to have all the browser resets and baseline grid taken care of from the start.

    Also the fact that it is so basic means that I can comfortably code on top of it and know that it is not going to mess with what I want to do.


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