High Quality and Free CSS Layouts and Templates

A list of high quality CSS – based layouts and templates you can use for your personal and commercial projects. License agreements are changing all the time, just check each layout and template for the copyright requirements before use.

CSS Layouts

  • Layout Gala- A set of 40 professional CSS layouts, each with valid CSS and HTML, without hacks nor workaround and a good cross-browser compatibility.
  • CSS Layouts – another great collection of CSS layouts.
  • Dynamic Drive CSS Layouts – two column, three column, fixed, liquid …
  • Nice and Free CSS Layouts – 12 free CSS layouts.
  • Strictly CSS – 10 css layouts.
  • Maxdesign – a range of CSS page layouts, including 2 column and 3 column layouts – free to use and abuse as needed.
  • CSSplay – Stu Nicolls presents dozens of free professional layouts. Just check each page for the copyright requirements before use.
  • ThreeColumnLayouts, by CSS Discuss – Collection of 3-column-templates.
  • CSS Intensivstation – css layouts and templates for Flux CMS.
  • Code-Sucks – 5 web templates, 53 Fixed width CSS Layouts and 42 Faux Column CSS Layouts.
  • CSS Tinderbox – CSS/XHTML templates that web designers/developers can use as the foundation for their own projects.
  • Jimmy Lin – 8 simple CSS/XHTML templates.
  • Little Boxes – 16 Layouts
  • Ruthsarian – Free CSS layouts and CSS-based drop-down menus.
  • Mitchbryson – 8 layouts.
  • TJK Design – 8 layouts.
  • Bluerobot – The Layout Reservoir.
  • csscreator – CSS Layout Generator. Generator will create a fluid or fixed width floated column layout, with up to 3 columns and with header and footer. Values can be specified in either pixels, ems or percentages.

CSS Templates

  • Open Source Web Design – OSWD – free web design templates. Currently 2080 free designs!
    Open Source Web Design Templates
  • Open Design Community – hundreds of XHTML and CSS based free web design templates available for download.
  • Ex-Designz – Currently 332 XHTML/CSS-templates.
  • Solucija – 24 Templates.
  • Free CSS Templates – currently 240 CSS website templates.
    Free CSS Templates
  • Effex-Media – Free Website Templates by Web Designers!
  • Dezinehub – Free Website and Logo Templates.
  • Free Website Templates – Free XHTML/CSS website templates by Andreas Viklund. Free to use for any purpose without any limitations or obligations.
  • Free Templates Online – Free Web Templates Resource.
  • Free Layouts – Free Web Templates, Flash Templates, blog templates.
    Free Web Templates, Flash, blog templates
  • FreeWebsiteTemplates -Free website templates.
  • Interspire – Web site templates, website layouts, newsletter templates and logo templates.
  • Mollio – CSS/HTML Templates. Templates released under three different licenses: Creative Commons, GPL and CPL .
  • Zymic – Free website templates.
  • Open web design – Free web designs.
  • CSS Design Templates – Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License.
    CSS Design Templates
  • cssfill – CSS layouts & templates. Read the important info section before using the cssfill templates.
  • TemplateWorld – W3C-compliant web design templates licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License.
  • Template Monster – Web Templates, Flash Templates, Website Templates Design, free of charge for your education and use.
  • TemplatesBox – Free Website Templates, Free Photoshop Web Templates.
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