Free Flash Pageflip | Flash Book Engine – MegaZine3

MegaZine3 is a pageflip – flash book engine written completely in AS3, is free for private use, and open source.

MegaZine 3 uses a completely dynamic approach, allowing full configuration through external XML files.

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 page flip engine

MegaZine 3 Features:

  • Simplicity – automatically generate a control bar (via the NavigationBar plugin) that allows jumping to every individual page.
  • Deep Linking – integrated support for SWFAddress, a JavaScript library allowing to deep link flash movies.
  • Page Caching –  if the page count exceeds a certain limit (exact value can be set manually, too) not all pages will be loaded into memory at the same time.
  • Element System –  making it possible to define any number of elements per page. Default elements include images, flash movies, videos, sound and more.
  • Gallery functionality – Every element may hold an additional url to some image or swf, which will displayed when clicking the element, or clicking the “zoom in” button in the element.
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