Easily Create Stylish Tooltips – Poshy Tip jQuery Plugin

Poshy Tip – a full-featured jQuery tooltip plugin that allows creating stylish tooltips in a unique and easy way.

Poshy Tip supports asynchronous loading of the tooltip content. By using callback, you can easily update asynchronously the content of the tooltip after it has been displayed. At demo page there is an example of loading  Flickr images in tooltip content.


jQuery plugin - stylish tooltips Poshy Tip

Poshy Tip uses a single background image for scalable tooltips. It detects when a background image has been set for the tooltip container DIV and creates a scalable frame from it that wraps the inner contents of the tip.

Also support advanced positioning options, you can position the tips relative to the mouse cursor or to the target element and align them in every possible way horizontally and vertically, tooltips are always displayed in the browser viewport.

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