Smart Bubble Popups or Tooltips with jQuery Bubble Plugin

jQuery Bubble Popup – is a jQuery plugin to display smart and animated ‘bubble’ popups or tooltips, highly configurable, with a very long list of features and examples.

The plugin support HTML5 and it is fully compatible with IE6+, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Webkit based browser (reKonq, Arora) and KHTML based browser (Konqueror).

ExamplesHTML image map / Add to shopping cart – e-commerce example.

jQuery bubble tooltips popups

Main Features:

  • create popups or tooltips for any DOM element
  • attach popups on the left, top, right or bottom side of the target element
  • set vertical or horizontal alignment
  • mouseover/mouseout events automatically managed
  • set custom popups events
  • create smart shadowed popups! (in IE too)
  • choose popup’s style templates at runtime
  • load asynchronously data inside Bubble Popups
  • make ‘selectable’ Bubble Popups
  • ‘tag’ pictures or add a Bubble Popups to image hotspots!
  • and more …

The plugin automatically manages popups position when browser window is resized.

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