Open Source Web Sites and Web Applications Analytics Framework – OWA

Open Web Analytics – an open source web analytics framework provides a generic set of PHP and HTTP APIs that application developers can use to easily add web statistics into any web application or web sites.

The Framework also has built-in support for popular web applications like WordPress, MediaWiki and Gallery.

As a generic web analytics framework, OWA can be extended to track and analyze any web application.

open source web and application statistics

Tracking/Reporting features:

  • Track Page views, visits, and unique visitors over time
  • Track unique, new, repeat visitors over time
  • Multiple Web Site Support – track any number of web sites and view statistics in aggregate or by site
  • Click-streams – view the actual click-stream of each visitor
  • Click Tracking – Track where exactly on a web page users are clicking and view clicks by browser type
  • Click Heat Maps – view a heat map of where users are clicking on your web pages
  • Google Maps – map your visitors on Google Maps
  • and much more
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