Photoshop actions: 124+ Free Photoshop Actions to Boost Your Designs

Photoshop Actions ?

An action is a series of tasks that you play back on a single file or a batch of files – menu commands, palette options, tool actions, and so on. You can create Photoshop action that changes the size of an image, applies a filter to the image for a particular effect, and then saves the file in the desired format.

Actions can include stops that let you perform tasks that cannot be recorded (for example, using a painting tool).

Photoshop and Illustrator come with predefined actions installed that help you perform common tasks. You can use these actions as is, customize them to meet your needs, or create new actions. PS actions are stored in sets to help you organize them.

You can record, edit, customize, and batch-process actions, and you can manage groups of actions by working with action sets.

Free Photoshop Actions

PanosFX: 3D – Out of Bounds free action, an advanced tool which simplifies the steps needed to create popular Out of Bounds effects.

The action is very flexible, at the beginning you define the border size & perspective, then you define the out-of-bounds areas and add the shadow effects.

Out of bounds - Free Photoshop action

Out of Bounds action work in Photoshop CS5, CS4, CS3, CS2 and Photoshop Elements PSE9, PSE8, PSE7 and PSE6.

Turning Turnip: Photo cube effect – Apply photo realistic 3D photo cube effect to any image. You’ll need to play a little with the source image hight and weight to get the desired result.

Photo cube effect - Photoshop action

Turning Turnip: Soften skin effect -Produces a natural ‘clean’ appearance whilst retaining important skin textures.

Soften skin effect - Photoshop action

more Free Photoshop Actions from Turning Turnip

Page Curl Photoshop Action – Create a page curl effect in any of the four corners of an image.

Page curl effect - Photoshop action

PanosFX: Big pictures – A 3-D collage effect, comes as free & commercial version.

The free version of this Photoshop action (and Photoshop Elements action) contains the 25 flat polaroid & the 25 curled polaroid actions of the ‘Big Pictures’ set plus the 25-photos version of the ‘Matrix Collages’ actions.

Download link can be found somewhere in the middle of the page.

Curled Polaroid Photoshop action

PanosFX: Border and bend2 sets of free actions to make your images visually more appealing. These Photoshop actions play tricks with borders and shadows to give your images a pseudo-3D look.

Border band Photoshop actions

PanosFX: a collection of free good old actions – This is a free collection of older yet very good PanosFX actions.

The actions collection includes the following 8 sets of free actions: Big Blue,The Deck, Photo Album, Plasma TV, Scroll, Spiral Bind (sample image below), Video Wall, Weave it!

Most of actions are for both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, and work in Photoshop CS5, CS4, CS3, CS2 and PSE9, PSE8, PSE7 and PSE6.

Free collection of older actions

PanosFX: Postage Stamp – A highly customizable stamp action to turn your images into very realistic postage stamps.

Postage stamp photoshop action

more Free Photoshop Actions from PanosFX

Color Actions 2 – from deviantArt. There are 12 color adjustment actions all together in this action set.

Color adjustment action set

Vintage Photo – from deviantART. An action for photo aging. Photo must be larger than 200px. Should work well with Photoshop 6+.

Vintage photo Photoshop action

more deviantART Photoshop actions

Finesse FX: Old Parchment action – create your own famous document or treasure map. Just play the action and then print it out. You’ll get an 8 1/2×11 inch piece of paper with tears, yellowed edges and other artifacts.

Old Parchment photoshop action

Old Parchment action is compatible with Photoshop CS and higher.

Finesse FX: TackIt! Mini action – creates a web-ready picture tacked up on a bulletin board, with a plenty of customization options, including the width of the picture border, the amount of shadow for both the photo and tack, and the color of the tack.

TackIt! Mini - picture tacked up on a bulletin board action

In the free version of this action, final output is limited to 600px width. TackIt! Mini is compatible with Photoshop CS and higher.

more Free Finesse FX Photoshop Actions and other freebies – image, text and custom effects.

Shutter Freaks: Crystal Ball Action – to make the results look like a real Crystal Ball, you need an image that’s been cropped to be square, but you can also get interesting effects by running the action on a rectangular image.

Crystal Ball photoshop effect

Shutter Freaks: Hayes Island Variant – a variation on the Hayes Island Cafe effect, which will make a photo look like a painting with a canvas finish.

Variation on the Hayes Island Cafe effect

- more Shutter Freaks Free Actions

Additional Photoshop action resources:

Addicted to Design – Free PS actions can be found at the Free Photoshop Actions menu item. Night Vision Effect, Polaroid 600 Instant Film, Lomo, Infrared and 1 Pixel Border effects.

Atncentral – Free Photoshop actions exchange with over 170 free actions.

Elated Action Kits – Action Kit 1-5

Veerle’s Creating a Photoshop Action.

Professional Photoshop actions:

And at the end, site with professional photoshop action sets worth buying if you seriously need to give your photography a professional and finished look.

Portrait Magic Pro Actions – The Portrait Magic Pro Actions include 12 different and extensive retouching techniques.

5 Different skin smoothing Actions including: General Smoothing, Naturally Smooth, Surreal Smooth, Male Skin Smoothing, Headshot Smoother, and 5 “Skin Glow” effects. Compatible with Photoshop CS2 or higher.

Portrait magic pro for smooth skin retouching

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  1. Kleck Design
    Kleck Design says:

    Really great collection. I cant wait to try these out. The crystal ball looks a bit pointless. Unless you want to create a crystal ball. ?!?

  2. Nick Maranzano
    Nick Maranzano says:

    This is a pretty cool post. I’ve seen alot of ‘Top Brushes’ and ‘Top Patterns’ list and stuff like that, but I’ve never seen a list of actions. Pretty cool. I’ll be sure to check out a couple. Grazie.

  3. Dean Ward
    Dean Ward says:

    really nice collection thank you! I paid for the full analysis set from PanosFX, its really sweet i highly recomend it :D

  4. MissTiff
    MissTiff says:

    Love what I saw some of these actions I already know about and use. Actions in Photoshop is so great and it saves so much time.

  5. Mike
    Mike says:

    non ho capito se ci sta un download per tutte queste azioni? qualcuno sa come posso scaricarmele?grazie

  6. Ridwan Santoso
    Ridwan Santoso says:

    Thanks for Admin, that actions so usefull for me,
    i will hope many action’s more.

  7. Hoshire
    Hoshire says:

    Not sure what exacly you need but I would try with File/Scripts/Image processor/ in Photoshop file menu

  8. Ganesh Kumar.S
    Ganesh Kumar.S says:

    It is really wonder. I am really excited with the resources.
    I am basically a web designer. I learned plenty of ideas through this site. I can use this better way. It will be better helpful to me. Once again great thanks.

    AUDIOMIND says:

    On the “Turning Turnip: Soften skin effect” action it shows you how to install the action, but your instructions don’t seem to work for my CS3 installation. I”m following the direction exactly!

  10. maya
    maya says:

    j’aimerais savoir , car je vois ue vous êtes des connaisseur , comment installer les actions sur photoshop cs3 , une fois téléchargé , j’ai remarqué que ce n’est pas aussi simple que pour les brushes , dans les gestionnaires des paramètre prédéfinie, je ne sais pas comment installer les actions sur photoshop, alors qu’elle me nargue dans mes fichiers.
    si quelqu’un peut m’aider , m’expliquer en détails? merci

  11. Israa
    Israa says:

    wow i love these actions, actually this is my first time to use this tool . and it’s fast i don’t make any effort, so i wonder now how do we creat the actions??
    i mean if i wanna creat one by my self . should i follow the steps that appears in the action???

  12. mayhemstudios
    mayhemstudios says:

    WOW! Thanks for including my Red Eye Removal, Productions Action, Sharpen Action and Center Guides Actions on the list. :)

    – Cal

  13. Israa
    Israa says:

    cool actions i loved it

    i have a problem with the filmstripaction from Liknes, i can’t run it , i open first photo and the there is this step (select previous document) and so the action wouldn’t work
    any one know why??

  14. PS Website Design UK
    PS Website Design UK says:

    Brilliant list of actions, will certainly come in handy for loads of website designs. Thanks.

  15. Никифор Рабинов
    Никифор Рабинов says:

    Интересно, но все же хотелось бы побольше узнать об этом. Понравилась статья!:-)

  16. reporterphoto
    reporterphoto says:

    Great stuff, I can wait to see the resultats on my work, some are for fun, but some others will be very useful, thank you :)

  17. Peter Frankmann
    Peter Frankmann says:

    Hallo zusammen,
    Sehr gute Beiträge. Danke dafür.
    Werde wohl noch öfters mal vorbeischauen.
    Gruß an alle

    • Josh
      Josh says:

      Just follow the links and you’ll find download section/button for every photoshop action mentioned here

  18. Ben
    Ben says:

    @Kleck Design – you are going to feel silly when you come back to this page in future, when you need to conjure up a ball of crystal. :D

  19. 509 Media
    509 Media says:

    Thanks for the posts. Actions are a huge time saver. I record a lot of my own. It is nice to see what others are making and get some ideas.


  20. Jimmy Tran
    Jimmy Tran says:

    Amazing post !
    Your tutorial gave me alot of experiences in learning PSD Actions.
    Thank alot for sharing, just keep it up.


  21. CoolestGeek
    CoolestGeek says:

    Awesome set, can’t believe I’ve only just found them, will be promoting this via social media! Thanks!

  22. arsuan
    arsuan says:

    Gracias por compartir. felicitaciones por el excelente trabajo y dedicación.

    Armando Suiárez, de Venezuela

  23. Carl
    Carl says:

    Hey! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a
    quick shout out and say I really enjoy reading through your posts.
    Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that deal with the same topics?

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    You really smashed it again my good friend continue the excellent work
    I generally get entertainment from the posts: )


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