Generate Charts From Accessible Data Tables – Table2Chart MooTools Plugin

table2chart – Mootools plugin which allows you to easily create a pie chart from valid data tables.

Simply add the script to the end of the body and it will convert all tables with a class ‘toChart’ to pie charts. You can define the chart size and the chart color within the class like:

class="toChart size700x300 color29b34f"

table2chart is a light-weight plugin, only 1Kb compressed and gzipped.

generate charts from tables - mootools plugin

jQuery Plotting Plugin – jqPlot

jqPlot – is a plotting and charting jQuery plugin. jqPlot can produce beautiful line, bar and pie charts. jqPlot is an open source project by Chris Leonello and is totally free.

jQuery chart plugin

jqPlot comes with many features like:

  • Numerous chart style options.
  • Date axes with customizable formatting.
  • Up to 9 Y axes.
  • Rotated axis text.
  • Automatic trend line computation.
  • Tooltips and data point highlighting.
  • Sensible defaults for ease of use.

jqPlot has been tested on IE 6, IE 7, IE 8, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

Free Javascript Charts – JS Charts

JS Charts – a Free JavaScript based chart generator that requires little or no coding. With JS Charts drawing charts is a simple and easy task, since you only have to use client-side scripting.

No additional plugins or server modules are required. Just include js charts scripts, prepare your chart data in XML or JavaScript Array and your chart is ready!

Tested in (Windows) Firefox 1.5+, Internet Explorer 6 and 7, Safari 3.1+, Opera 9 + and (Mac) Firefox 1.5+, iPhone 1+ and Safari 2+

View Examples.

javascript free charts

Free Java chart library

Java chart library that makes it easy for developers to display professional quality charts in their applications.

JFreeChart is “open source” or, more specifically, free software. It is distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public Licence (LGPL), which permits use in proprietary applications.

Examples of the charts that can be produced using JFreeChart.

Free javascript chart