A Lightweight & Powerful JavaScript Color Picker

JavaScript ColorPicker – a lightweight, powerful and easy to install JavaScript Color Picker app that comes in 4 different sizes – from 151 x 87 px to 405 x 302 px.

ColorPicker let you choose the entire color palette (~16.78 mil. colors) in 6 different color modes +3 extra modes in RGB.

powerfull color picker

Color picker is highly customizable, color pickers are individually draggable, works in all browsers  – IE, Firefox, Safari, Crome, Opera, Konqueror, …

It doesn’t rely on any JS frameworks – no prototype, mootools, jquery – all native javascript code.

Create Colorful Striped Background Images

Striped Backgroundsonline tool, developed by Sam Herbert that generates striped background images based on 5 color pickers.

You can randomize colors to get a newly striped background or manually put hex color code to create your desired background image. Created striped backgrounds can be downloaded in PNG format after you select the resolution.