Attractive Effects with jQuery Slideshow Plugin – Skitter

Skitterslideshow plugin for jQuery with 21 attractive and unique  image animation effects.

Skitter comes with 21 attractive animations (check out cubeSpread, cubeRandom, …) and options to customize your image slideshow like velocity of animation, interval between transitions, and more.

Slide navigation can be presented as numbers or thumbnails with the help of prev/next buttons and with image labels (can be turned off).

Another great option is that you can set up animation effect for each slide separately  as a <img> class name.

jQuery image slideshow plugin - Skitter

Sliding Contents with jQuery – Slider Kit jQuery Plugin

Slider KitjQuery plugin that gather all common slideshow-like jQuery functionalities like news sliders, photo galleries, slideshows, carousels, and more into one lightweight and flexible plugin.

With Slider Kit you can easily create standard photo gallery with prev/next buttons, with photo captions, or vertical photo gallery, slideshow with carousel, with play/pause button, and much more.

Demos include: Photo galleries, Photo sliders, News sliders, Carousels, Slideshows, Tabs menus and Menus

Slider Kit - Sliding contents with jQuery

Slider Kit is compatible and tested: Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox 3.6+, Chrome 9, Safari 5 and Opera 11.

jQuery Content Rotator – jShowOff

jShowOff – is a jQuery plugin for rotating any type of content by creating ‘slides’ from the child elements.

jShowOff then rotates through the slides, with several customization options, like options for controls on/off, to display numeric links to each slide, auto play content, pause on hover and more.

You can use the default CSS skin from the demo, or restyle the elements as you like. jShowOff is free for personal and commercial use under the MIT/GPL license.

jQuery content rotator - jShowOff

A Simple, Easy to Customize jQuery Slideshow Plugin – Slides

Slides – is a simple, easy to customize and style, slideshow plugin for jQuery.

Slides comes with a lot of customizable options like looping, auto play, fade or slide transition effects, image crossfading, image preloading, automatically generate pagination.

With Slides plugin you can randomize slides, set which slide you’d like to start with, and many more options. Full instructions and examples coming very soon.

Slideshow plugin for jQuery - Slides

Standalone Javascript Library for Sliding Images – Sliderman.js

Sliderman.js – a standalone javascript library for sliding images with multiple unique effects which can be combined together.

Sliderman.js comes with 25 different effects, support images description, slides navigation, slides pagination and html descriptions.


Sliderman.js should works in all popular browsers and was properly tested in: Firefox 3.6+, Chrome 5.0+, Safari 5.0+, Internet Explorer 7.0+ and Opera 10.63

Standalone javascript library for sliding images

Lightweight jQuery Image Slider Plugin – Choco-Slider

Choco-Slider – a lightweight (~7kb) and highly customizable jQuery Image Slider Plugin.

You can easily customize time delay between image transition, speed and number of strips to show, transparency of the title, and more. The plugin automatically use the default options, in case you do not customize it.

Choco-Slider is compatible with Firefox 2 +, IE 6 +, Safari v4, Google Chrome 3 + and Opera 9 +

jQuery image slider plugin - Choco-Slider

jQuery & CSS3 Image Gallery With Animated Shine Effect

ShineTime – tutorial (source files included) on how to create animated shine effect with jQuery & CSS3 and then use it to create image gallery.

The idea behind a shine effect is to give your graphics the appearance of being on a glossy surface that have just had a light beam pass over them. The effect is useful in making your user interface elements look like they’re a real polaroid photo.


jQuery and CSS3 shine effects with image gallery - ShineTIme

Dynamic PHP Image Gallery with Thumbnails – No Bullsh**

No Bullsh** – is completely free and open source, fully customizable Dynamic PHP Image Gallery with thumbnails and Lightbox support.

To install the gallery you just need to upload all files & folders to your server, upload images to the folder that holds all the gallery big images. Gallery script automatically creates the thumbnail images.

To enable Lightbox support include the necessary Lightbox javascript files. By editing the thumbanil.php you can set the thumbnail size and quality settings.


Dynamic PHP Image Gallery with thumbnails and lightbox support

Lightweight jQuery Based Carousel for Sliding HTML Content – Tiny Carousel

Tiny Carousel – a lightweight jQuery carousel plugin for sliding HTML based content vertically and horizontally.

Tiny Carousel is easy customizable and lightweight, with only 100 lines of code, minified and gzipped size is <1Kb.

Supports navigation by button or paging, you can easily set the point where the carousel starts, number of block to move at a time, slide automatically every given milliseconds, and more.

Tiny carousel jQuery plugin - Sliding HTML content

Easy Accordion – jQuery Plugin

Easy Accordion – a simple, clean and powerful jQuery plugin to create a horizontal accordion.

Easy Accordion is a highly flexible horizontal slider able to show any kind of content like text, images, lists, etc., is SEO friendly, fully accessible, and supports autoplay.

To enable the autoplay you simply have to set the ‘autoStart’ parameter to ‘true’ and the ‘slideInterval’  in milliseconds to a number.


jQuery easy accordion plugin - a highly flexible horizontal slider

You can easily set the initial active slide by adding the ‘active’ class to the respective DT element.

If you don’t specify the ‘autoStart’ parameter or if you set it to ‘false’ you get a simple slideshow.

The jQuery Easy Accordion plugin has been tested in Firefox 3.5+, IE6/7/8, Safari 5+ and Google Chrome, and has been released under the MIT and GPL licenses.