Lightweight & Standalone JavaScript Modal Windows – TinyBox2

TinyBox2 – is a lightweight (~5KB) and standalone JavaScript modal window script – does not depend on any JavaScript frameworks.

This is update to the TinyBox modal box script (this post at V-B Magazine) with a new features. The script now supports iframes and images natively, you can POST with Ajax, set CSS IDs to override the default styling, control window location and more.

Script is tested in IE7+, FF, Chrome, Opera, and Safari and free for both personal or commercial projects under the creative commons license.


Standalone JavaScript Modal Windows - TinyBox2

Facebook Lightbox Clone for MooTools – LightFace

LightFace – a clone of FaceBook’s modal dialog. LightFace and its family of classes work well with iFrames, images, AJAX-requested content, static positioning and static content.

LightFace also automatically resizes and repositions when the window is resized or scrolled, provides a host of options to customize each instance, responds to designated keyboard events, works with MooTools More’s Drag class to make the lightbox movable, and more.


Facebook style lightbox for MooTools

LightFace is tested in IE7+, FF, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and iPad.

Simple and Lightweight (1kb) jQuery Lightbox Plugin – Lightbox_me

Lightbox_me is a jQuery lightbox plugin,  ideal for everyone who doesn’t need extra features like image support or video gallery and it is only 1kb gzipped and compressed.

Lightbox_me also handles overlay resize when the window is resized, has small DOM overhead  – adds 1 DOM element for the overlay.

Some of the options: overlay speed, lightbox speed, appear effect, function to call when the lightbox is completely open or closed and more…

jquery lightbox plugin

It has been tested on IE 6+, Firefox 2.5+, Safari and Chrome.

Lightbox Clone with PDF Support – Bumpbox

Bumpbox – a MooTools based lightbox clone with a few advantages – it supports not only all common media types like FLV, SWF, images or HTML content, but also MP3 audio files and PDF’s.

Integration and implementation is very simple. The script works for local and remote files, automatically detects what kind of filetype you wish to show in the box with a nice bump effect, so you do not need to specify the type.

lightbox with pdf and mp3 support