Dynamic PHP Image Gallery with Thumbnails – No Bullsh**

No Bullsh** – is completely free and open source, fully customizable Dynamic PHP Image Gallery with thumbnails and Lightbox support.

To install the gallery you just need to upload all files & folders to your server, upload images to the folder that holds all the gallery big images. Gallery script automatically creates the thumbnail images.

To enable Lightbox support include the necessary Lightbox javascript files. By editing the thumbanil.php you can set the thumbnail size and quality settings.


Dynamic PHP Image Gallery with thumbnails and lightbox support

Simple GD Bar Chart Generator Script

Barchart generator – script built using PHP’s GD image library allows you to easily add simple charts in your web pages.

Barchart script accepts a number of parameters in the <img> src element, you can also set more global settings in the PHP file itself, giving you full control over what data is displayed, in what colors, sizing, fonts, font angle, chart height and more.

It’s easy to use, just call the script in the src of an <img> element like:

<img src=”../path/to/barchart.php?params” />  – where params is a set of property/values.

PHP chart generator

Kroppr – Image Crop Script with Realtime Rotation and Zoom

Kropprunobtrusive script that allows users to rotate, resize and crop images without any plugin (flash or java) .

The script is not free (29 euro cost).

In case image rotation is not a must for you, you can check out free image crop scripts: Jcrop – jQuery Image Crop Plugin or UvumiTools Image Crop.

kroppr - image cropper script

The installation is very easy and the changes needed to an existent and already launched site are minimal – from the design point of view there is no difference.

PHP Speedy

PHP Speedy – Another script for merging and compressing CSS and JavaScript files. A script that you can install on your web server to automatically speed up the download time of your web pages.

Before PHP Speedy – 14 requests that took 4.44 seconds and After PHP Speedy – 4 requests that took 1.1 seconds:


PHP Speedy automatically joined together all the appropriate files and compressed them, greatly reducing the load time of the page.  Author is also working on a PHP Speedy WordPress plugin.