Photoshop Tutorial: Creating HDR Images in Photoshop

Photoshop video tutorial that goes over the process of creating an HDR image using the tools available in Photoshop, and then we are going to go back and create an HDR image with the Photomatix Photoshop plug-in.

If you are unfamiliar with HDR images, they are creating by combining images of a scene that were taken using different exposures. This allows the image produce details in bright and dark areas of the image that would be normally blown out or underexposed.

A search for HDR images on will show many examples of HDR images.

Photoshop Tutorial: How to Create Stamp Image

This tutorial shows you ‘the easiest way’ to create a stamp image with Photoshop. There is also a Free Photoshop action by PanosFX with the similar effect.

Download source file – Photoshop CS3


1. Create a new 260 x 190 px document with white background, create a new layer and hit the ‘Add a Layer Mask’


2. Hit the ‘U’ key to select the Rectangle Tool, select Paths in the Options Bar


and draw a box like the image below.


3. Hit the ‘B’ key to select the Brush Tool, hit the ‘F5′ key to open the Brushes Palette. Adjust the settings for your image size – in our case diameter – 16px and spacing – 135% should be OK.


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